Alpha lipoic acid is getting a lot of attention these days and for good reason. It is produced naturally by the body and is used in every cell in the body. It is available in small amounts from spinach, brewers yeast, rice, peas and red meat. What makes Alpha lipoic acid especially valuable as a nutrient is three fold. It is a powerful antioxidant that crosses the blood brain barrier. It is fat, water soluble and seems to be able to recycle vitamin C and E. It converts glucose into energy.

An Essential For Good Health


Alpha lipoic acid fights cell damage and plays a crucial part in turning food into energy. It is an important essential for converting sugars and has been shown to affect a change in blood sugar in people with diabetes. While it widely recognized that alpha lipoic acid is responsible for healthy cell structure because it penetrates both water and fat molecules, the amount necessary for maintaining good health becomes a question, particularly as we age. You may also want to read this alpha brain nootropics review.

Why Do Many People Use This Supplement?

It comes back down to what we don’t know. Alpha lipoic acid has shown improvement in neurotransmitters and brain function in rats. It has also been suggested for Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, stroke, and multiple sclerosis. Does it work? Ask the rats. As with most antioxidants being investigated, human clinical are not abundant and information is still being gathered.

 What Is Known


This naturally occurring acid has the potential to cause problems. Side effects may include headache, skin rash, tingling sensations, and muscle cramps. It is especially important to use caution if you are diabetic as it is possible to trigger an insulin autoimmune syndrome. It may also improve blood sugar levels. There are many unknowns associated with alpha lipoic acid and while it is generally well tolerated, many people will take high dosages and this fatty acid is stored by the body creating potentially dangerous levels. Taken in reasonable amounts it has been shown to benefit energy levels, clarity, and a general sense of well being in some people. The typical dosage is between 30mgs and 100mgs although many people use doses many times that amount with little or no side effects.

 A Very Powerful Player

One supplement will provide over 1000 times the amount of lipoic acid found in any food you consume. It is one of the strongest if not the strongest antioxidant you can take. It shows promise in slowing the ageing process and improving mental clarity. Use care with this if you choose to use it or any other supplement and as always consult your doctor in all the decisions you make.

You can learn more about taking care of your brain and nootropics in general from the following sources:

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